Our magical story

Here in the beautiful South Wales Valleys, we have always had a huge population of Tylwyth Teg (Welsh Fairies).

The fairies used to be employed by the coal mines, they worked as 'fairy lights' (which is where the name for our Christmas string lights came from) showing the way in the darkness of the underground. However in recent years, the coal mines have slowly but surely closed down and our Tylwyth Teg have been left unemployed with no purpose.

All the fairies ask for as payment is a safe, warm place to stay and all the toasted marshmallows they can eat (a fairys favourite!!).

It made total sense to us to employ the Tylwyth Teg and give them a new purpose in life. We currently have 12 fairies living at 'Ty Tylwyth Teg' (fairy house) who work hard all day to ensure everything runs smoothly at All Things Nice. They do all the picking, packing and delivering giving us the time to concentrate on finding new and wonderful products! We couldn't do it without them.